Revenue Management

The principles of RM are simple and deliver robust performance increases, but its implementation needs to be thoroughly strategised and planned.

Revenue Management in railways is very different from RM in airlines, or as practiced in other industries.  The requirement for multiple stops creates specific difficulties.  Booking behaviour differs also, as does the final price the customer pays.  The hub-and-spoke concept is much less prevalent in the railway industry and markets are usually less diverse, due to the domestic nature of most railway businesses. 


Rail Solutions possesses a unified knowledge of IS solutions and RM implementation within the railway world, essential to the success of a revenue management project:

  • Working with your commercial team, we can optimize the fare range to maximize the RM benefits and explore the new possibilities it offers;
  • We have first-hand experience in analyzing and mitigating the knock-on effects of the implementation of an RM system, both from an IT standpoint (e.g. integration with inventory, distribution systems etc.) and an organizational perspective (e.g. fraud detection, sales staff training, or public perception);
  • We train in-house RM teams and accompany them through the initial set-up of the system;
  • Together with your team, we can develop and implement KPIs to monitor usage of the tools and processes;
  • We work continuously with you to improve the performance of the system.


Client references: Elipsos, Italo, Thalys

Our Revenue Management Partner: Expretio