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Italo is the commercial brand of NTV (Nuovo Transporto Viaggiatori), a privately owned Italian passenger high-speed rail operator, is the first and largest new entrant in Europe (open access).



A fast-growing new player in the market, Italo required an IT system that could align with evolving business needs with optimal time to market.



We designed and built from scratch a bespoke SaaS system made of best-of-breed solutions, integrating Inventory, Revenue Management and Distribution.  To deliver this, we led a team of 15 partners and provided organization, processes, training, and the technical platform to ensure smooth delivery and reliable operations. We now work hand-in-hand with Italo’s team to enrich the system with new functionalities.



This agile and flexible commercial information systems have enabled Italo’s customer-centric commercial strategy. This resulted in a robust share of market on the routes served, with more than 19,000 tickets sold every day.


Areas of expertise: Revenue Management, Inventory Management.

Assets used: Navitaire, Expretio



Thalys connects Northern European cities (Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Koln) at high-speed. Competition and operating models vary heavily by route, from shuttle-like operations on Paris-Brussels to seasonal routes to Alpine ski resorts. 



Thalys needed a high-performance, flexible Revenue Management solution to maximise revenue throughout the entire network.



We have calibrated Expretio’s Appia Revenue Management solution and integrated it into Thalys’ complex IT ecosystem.



Thalys' ambition is to consolidate its leadership position on the Paris - Brussels route, a key segment, while successfully building-up new routes. "Appia will enable us to implement differentiated RM strategies across our network, with a high level of automation", said Schera Zekri-Chevallet, Thalys' CCO.


Areas of expertise: Revenue Management

Assets used: Expretio



Elipsos, a joint-venture between SNCF (French National Railway) and RENFE (Spanish National Railway), launched new high-speed services between Paris and Barcelona. It had previously operated hotel-trains on the same route and others.


Business Issue

Elipsos faced a disproportionate number of challenges during the transition to high-speed services. Firstly, a need for a new inventory management system, and adaptation to the sales systems of the partner distributors. In addition, Elipsos introduced Revenue Management capabilities. The fact that the same trains would service domestic O/D (marketed and revenue managed by the domestic carriers) created additional complexities.


Our Solution

We designed and built from scratch a bespoke system, integrating Inventory, Revenue Management and Distribution. Perhaps even more importantly, we carefully reviewed and optimised all interfaces with the joint-venture partners' legacy systems to ensure a smooth integration. Last, we defined a baseline strategy for Revenue Management (business rules).



Our support was decisive in ensuring a smooth transition between two radically different types of operation. “By taking care of all the systems evolutions, Rail Solutions helped us focus on the commercial and operational success of these new services”, said Javier Alonso, Deputy Managing Director of Elipsos.


Areas of expertise: Revenue Management, Inventory Management, Distribution Systems

Assets used: Navitaire, Expretio