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We have selected Expretio's Appia as our preferred revenue management software, due to four unique capabilities that make it uniquely suited to railway operators:


  • Optimized management of multi-OD trains;
  • Revenue management by sales channel;
  • A high level of automation that allows analysts to manage a larger number of departures each, and focus on the most critical ones; 
  • The ability to authorize different fares based not only on the bookings in the class under consideration for a specific train, but also on the bookings made in other classes, or even other trains.  This permits the railway to understand the impacts of RM decisions across a range of trains, ensuring the right offer is made to each customer. 


Client references: Italo, Elipsos, Thalys


We have selected Navitaire as our preferred Inventory Management solution. We have successfully deployed it both within and beyond SNCF Group, where it brought unique benefits, such as:


  • The capacity to sell a variety of products, including special services (like quiet zones or forward-facing seating), ancillary products, or partner products;
  • The capacity to quickly launch promotions or new products and therefore increase the carrier’s commercial responsiveness;
  • Ease of connection with multiple sales platforms (including mobile) and external sales partners;
  • Improved passenger communication (for delays, etc.) through Navitaire’s advanced notification system;
  • Access to ongoing enhancements and the capacity to influence the product roadmap via Rail Solutions.


Client references: Italo, Elipsos